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Saturday, October 08, 2005

Catholic Church to open its doors to gay priests

So, that title's not my own but rather courtesy of our very own Canadian Broadcasting Corporation website (click here for the article). I'm starting to really resent CBC.

What on earth do they mean by gay men who have lived chastely for three years? I guess it depends on your understanding of what makes someone gay.

What is gay? That's a big question. Same sex attractions - that I can see as a real cross people have to carry, but is it the same thing as being gay? Really, the more time I spend thinking about it, I keep on coming back to the same conclusion. Ontologically, there cannot be such a thing as homosexuality. For that matter, there is no such thing as heterosexuality (bear with me. . .) God gave us sexuality. Not homosexuality, or heterosexuality... To break down people into any of these categories is to say that there is potential for variations in orientation intrinsic in our being. But the soul informs the body. There are only two variations of gender, which compliment each other perfectly in one sexuality. Look at the natural revelation found in our bodies. Ontologically, there is only one possible sexual orientation.