Letters From a Young Catholic

My reflections as a Catholic young adult passionate about the Faith, seeking to grow in knowledge and understanding of God and discerning the will of the Lord in my life.

Saturday, October 01, 2005

Femininity and the Eucharist

I went to a local seminary today for a public lecture by Ronda Chervin, a Catholic convert from a Atheistic-Jewish background, on Jewish perspectives of the Church. This is all besides the point though. One of my friends bought a book by her called "Feminine, Free, & Faithful." They lent it to me and so I started reading it this afternoon.

I'm only on page 22 so this is definitely not a book review, but one of the questions the author starts off the book by asking is "When do you feel most feminine, free, and faithful?" Her response to her own question was simply beautiful and put into words my own relationship with Christ in the Eucharist. The Eucharist is truly an intimate union with our Lord. It is the only place we can find the perfection of authentic love.

"At daily Mass I feel feminine because I am in a yearning, surrendering interior posture. I feel free because I choose to center my soul on God in this manner. I am faithful because I give God the honor that is his due and receive Jesus into my person, as he so desires. I am taken up in awe of my Lord's great gesture of love in sacrificing himself for me and entering my very body each day."