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Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Choosing the Life of the Poor

A dear friend of mine will be entering a nearby Poor Clare monastery in two weeks. Her local newspaper heard about this radical decision and were intrigued by it and interviewed her and published an article today about her decision to enter into a life of prayer. The secular press is so full of negative stories these days, I thought I'd share with you a very positive one for once.

“What drew me there was their simplicity,” she said.

The sisters pray seven times a day; one of those times requires them to rouse themselves at midnight. Much time is spent in individual prayer.

Beyond this, they do their chores to keep their monastery in working order, garden and do their best with the B.C. climate to grow vegetables, Davidson said.

The sisters also engage in music, artwork and other activities, but above all is prayer.

When she enters the cloister on April 26, “you pretty much go there with nothing. Part of their lifestyle is poverty,” she said.

You can find the entire article (Choosing the Life of the Poor) at Maple Ridge News.

You can find Donné's blog at A Journey Toward Christ.

Let us join together in prayer for Donné as she prepares to follow Christ wholeheartedly in religious life.