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My reflections as a Catholic young adult passionate about the Faith, seeking to grow in knowledge and understanding of God and discerning the will of the Lord in my life.

Monday, February 19, 2007

Examination of Conscience

LAMLand made a request for a good "short" Examination of Conscience. This is one that I find helpful for a daily Examination of Conscience. I like the way this one is divided and it is short enough that it isn't likely to lead you to scrupulosity if you're using it for a daily examination but it's long enough that it's pretty thorough. I also find that it touches on the sins many of us stumble upon regularly and leaves out those ones most of us, by the grace of God, avoid (i.e. Have I murdered someone?). While we're on the topic of examining our conscience, it's a good idea to start Lent off with a good confession.

Daily Examination of Conscience

With regard to God
Do I pray enough, and when I do pray, do I give my full attention and reverence to my prayer?
Am I fully reverent in church? Do I distract others at prayer?
Do I pay proper attention to my daily prayers, even the small ones like Grace before Meals, prayer before class, etc.?
Do I use God's name outside of my prayers?
Are any of the jokes I tell lacking in reverence?
Am I making sufficient effort to get to know God better and give him the proper place in my life?

With regard to others
Am I unkind or cruel to others in thought, word or deed?
Do I harbour dislikes of other people, or envy them for something?
Am I thoughtful enough and helpful and patient with others?
Do I take away people's characters, telling stories, true or false, about them?
If I have taken away a person's character, have I tried to restore it?
Am I really obedient to those over me and the laws they make?
Do I spoil my obedience by being slow, unwilling or sulky about it?
Am I disrespectful towards my parents, elder brothers and sisters, teachers and those to whom I owe respect? Do I talk about them, when they are present or absent?
Do I give bad examples to others in any way?
Am I sufficiently thoughtful to those who need me in a special way - the sick, the old: do I play my part in helping people?
Do I obey the rules and laws of the school, office, country?

With regard to myself
Am I a show-off, conceited and proud?
Am I out for my own ends only - selfish, and sulky when I don't get my own way?
Do I keep myself fully occupied and therefore prevent temptation?
Am I greedy and ungenerous - thoughtless of others?
Am I angry or impatient with others, insufficiently controlled?
Have I deliberately thought or said anything impure or really vulgar?
Have I failed to stop reading something bad for me, or watching unsuitable TV?
Have any of my actions been in the slightest way impure?
Have I joined with others in sin, or given bad example?
Am I truthful in every way, or do I exaggerate to make myself bigger in the eyes of others? Have I cheated in any way, been dishonest?
Have I stolen anything or borrowed without permission?
Have I made restitution for anything I have taken in the past?
Am I a good companion to others?