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Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Mark Shea is Coming to Town!

Harrison just asked in a comment " Any cool Catholic stuff happening on the mainland on January 27th? I'm going to be over for the weekend." As a matter of fact Harrison. . . yes. Yes there is.

Mark Shea of St.Blog's fame is coming to town! Mark blogs over at Catholic and Enjoying It! [I'd put in a link but I'm a little slow at figuring out this new blogger...] He will be gracing us with his presence at our humble little college. . . well, the venue will actually be the nearby parish church. Here are the details for you (and anyone else who's interested. . .)

Saturday, January 27th, 10am to 1pm at St. Nicholas Parish
20675 87th Ave., Langley (Walnut Grove) BC
Tickets $15 at the door.

Mark will give two talks:
1. Behold Your Mother: Discovering the Blessed Virgin Mary
2. 101 Reasons Not to be Catholic: There are a million reasons not to be a Catholic and only one reason to be one. You be the judge. [Interesting title in my opinion...]

Registration starts at 9:30am.
(By the way, there's Mass at 9:00am if you're interested).

If anyone has questions about this event they can call Redeemer Pacific College at 604-888-7727 or leave me a comment/question.

If you're planning on attending this event let me know. I know there are some local bloggers coming out. We should go out for lunch after. . . anyone interested? :-)