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Thursday, August 17, 2006

Mother's Prayers

My mom has a little prayer book for mothers to Our Lady of La Leche. I was flipping through it tonight and came across some beautiful prayers. Here are some of the more unique prayers that I came across (sadly, these could probably be used by most mothers at some point. . .):

For a Child Exposed to Moral Danger
Mother most pure, from your very conception you were guarded from the least stain of sin. Speak to your divine Son with me now for the protection of my child against dangers of soul. You know how greatly sin offends God and you abhor it. You know, too, how horrible sin is because of all that your divine Son suffered on account of it. Ask him now to defend my child from all dangers of sin that threaten. Please ask him to grant the protection of his grace, so that grievous sin will not possess the soul of my child and prevent us from sharing happiness together in heaven! Amen.

For a Wayward Son
Holy Mother of Sorrows, you endured a most bitter agony for wayward children as you stood beside your crucified Son, and you know the dreadful tragedy of sin. Now my son has gone astray in a life of sin. Have pity on him. I know that you love him, Mother, because he is mine; I bore him and cared for him. I know that you love him dearly, too, because you suffered so much for his salvation. Please, then, pray now to your Son with me: remind your Son how much my boy means to him and to you and to me. Mother, obtain guidance for my child that will lead him gently and surely back to the right way, and bring him to understand the power of your intercession and the love of your divine Son. Amen.

For a Wayward Daughter
Holy Virgin Mary, you are the consecration and the protectress of all Christian womanhood. The glory of your own pure womanhood is dear to you and you wish to see its beauty reflected in all your daughters. Let the image of this womanhood then shine upon my precious daughter. May the grace of your divine Son touch her heart and awaken there a love for you and for the womahood that is resplendent in you. May it guide her erring feet and bring her back to your Son in holiness of life. Shelter her, Mary, beneath your protecting mantle and take her close in your motherly embrace. Remember that she is your child as well as mine and needs your protection as her mother, more than the many who have not strayed. To you, Mother, I commend her; speak to your Son with me for her restoration to a holy and virtuous life. Amen.