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Thursday, August 17, 2006

Fr. Finigan on Creative Liturgy

Fr. Finigan has a fantastic post up on what he refers to as "creative liturgy." He points out that there is indeed room for creativity in the liturgy, yet within the proper context!

". . .creativity is certainly at the service of liturgy but must never become its primary characteristic. Palestrina, Byrd, Bach and Mozart contributed their creative genius to the enhancement of the Liturgy but they worked within a given framework. They composed settings for the Kyrie, for example, which was sung in its proper place. Where creativity meant that a part of the Liturgy was given disproportionate emphasis, this was regarded as an abuse and worthy of correction. Today, many people see "a liturgy" as something entirely framed by our own creative abilities. So instead of the text of the Gloria, we are given something else, an "adaptation" to suit the creative taste of the composer or our preferences."