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Saturday, July 22, 2006

"Family Planning" and Biology

Ugh... the Biology course I'm working on right now is called "Humans in the Ecosystem" and as a part of this course I had to read an entire chapter on "The Problems of Overpopulation and Reducing the Total Fertility Rate." Really, by the end of it I was so upset.

Here's just one quote of many that made me mad:

"Family planning services do not try to force people to limit their family sizes but rather attempt to convince people that small families (and the contraceptives that promote small families) are acceptable and desirable."

Please, please, can I write a Theology of the Body paper for this course? A sentence like that is just asking for it. Unfortunately, I have a feeling that the professor for this course which I'm taking through distance education from a secular university probably doesn't have a Theology of the Body paper in mind in terms of the essay assignment for this unit.