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Friday, June 15, 2007

The Holy Father Speaks to Youth

I could spend day and night on this site. . .

The Holy Father Speaks to Youth

This from the Vatican site contains much good material to read through.

Even if you're simply "young at heart" these messages are definitely worth taking the time to read and contemplate.

As I've been reading through some of these messages I'm struck by how personally Pope John Paul II addressed the young people. Though his live audience at times was several million people (WYD Manilla for instance!), not to mention those who would later read his words, so much of what he says is spoken in such a personal tone, as if he was having a personal conversation with you.

Our late Holy Father certainly had a gift for this. Young people in our world now, as in every age, need to know that they are loved and that someone cares about their lives, their future, and the choices they make. Though Pope John Paul II never personally met most of the youth he addressed, he clearly communicated a personal and profound love for each one of them. It is evident that he simply radiated the love of Christ for these youth for this kind of love is only possible in and through Christ. Christ loves each one of us uniquely and personally. This is the kind of love that Pope John Paul II extended to the world, not just in a general sense, but to each particular individual in his flock. This is especially evident in the words he spoke to young people.

Pope John Paul II, ora pro nobis!

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