Letters From a Young Catholic

My reflections as a Catholic young adult passionate about the Faith, seeking to grow in knowledge and understanding of God and discerning the will of the Lord in my life.

Monday, August 21, 2006

Another Day

A day in the life of me. . .

Get up. Go to Mass. Go make breakfast for grandparents and help grandpa eat. Dishes. Clean kitchen. Go grocery shopping for grandparents. Assemble pastery dough for 1/2 dozen pies for mom. Visit the other grandparents and wash Oma's hair. Back to paternal grandparents. Make them lunch. Feed grandpa lunch. Dishes. Clean kitchen. Make two lasagnas to put in the freezer for mom. Clean kitchen. Go to the gym. Stop by the church for a visit. Back to grandparents. Back home for dinner with my family and the other grandparents. Pick blackberries for the pies. Back to grandparents. Home around 9:45 pm. Talk with parents. Bath. Bedtime?!

Another typical day. Another day that I feel I got absolutely nothing done. I was doing stuff all day but I don't feel that I actually did anything. . . if that makes any sense. I go back to the city next week and my "to do list" for the summer hasn't shrunk much. Oh well.