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My reflections as a Catholic young adult passionate about the Faith, seeking to grow in knowledge and understanding of God and discerning the will of the Lord in my life.

Sunday, April 22, 2007

I'm Done

I wrote my last exam yesterday, so I guess that means I'm done. I don't think it has really sunk in. I guess technically, I'm not a student anymore. . . although, I don't think I'll ever stop being a student. Learning is a lifetime project. This coming week will be very busy with starting a new job, spending time with my friend who is entering the Poor Clares on Thursday, graduation ceremonies on Friday and Saturday, and a philosophy discussion group on Sunday. . .

On another note, I went to my parents' goddaughter's (my godsister?) First Communion earlier today and the sincerity and joy of the children receiving Jesus for the first time in the Blessed Sacrament literally brought tears to my eyes. They're faith is just so incredibly precious. Do any of you remember your First Communion? I remember being perfectly still during Mass because I knew I had to be on my best behaviour and I remember going forward to receive the Blessed Sacrament and the thoughts going through my head at that time, but I can't actually remember the very moment I made my First Communion.

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