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Saturday, August 05, 2006

Solution? Faithful laity.

LifeSiteNews recently posted an article on the state of the Catholic Church in Canada in light of the Ontario bishops upcoming "ad limina" visit to the Holy Father.

"Ultimately, the solution to the severe problems in the Catholic Church in Canada may be from the faithful laity. They have so far been far too timid about their Catholic right to insist that abuses be corrected, to appeal to their bishops to do the job for which they have been consecrated, and to withhold donations until needed changes are made. Most wrongly think they are not supposed to do such things. Church history, however, is full of examples where lay Catholics have prayerfully acted and turned wayward bishops back in the right direction."

This quote sounds hauntingly familiar. It is a sentiment that I have heard repeated on more than a few occasions. Let us not forget, as Pope Benedict XVI reminded us at World Youth Day 2005, the true revolutionaries are the saints.