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Saturday, July 29, 2006

Further to my post. . .

Further to my post yesterday, I came across this quote today in In Conversation with God by Fr. Francis Fernandez (Vol. 4):

"The word commemoration harkens back to the Hebrew word which signifies the Jewsih feast recalling the flight from Egypt and the Covenant made on Mount Sinai. During this feast the Jews not only remember the past event but they continually renew it, generation after generation. When the Lord commands the Apostles, Do this in rememberance of me, he is not just asking them to remember a single moment. He is asking them to renew the sacrifice of Calvary.

The Covenant is renewed each and every day throughout the entire world whenever the Holy Mass is celebrated. The priest performing each Mass re-presents, that is to say, he makes present once again, in a mysterious manner, the same sacrifice which Christ offered on Calvary. The work of our Redemption takes place here and now. It is as if the twenty centuries separating us from Calvary had disappeared. The New Covenant of the Eucharistic Sacrifice becomes especially manifest in the moment of Consecration. It is at this moment that we should make heartfelt acts of faith and love."