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Friday, October 06, 2006

Front Page News

I was asked two weeks ago to write a paragraph on my experience of the ecumenical relationship between the small Catholic college I attend and the larger Evangelical university we're associated with. When I agreed to participate in this article, I didn't realize it would be making the front page!

Here's what they pieced together from the paragraph I sent them:

"Roman Catholic [Dilexitprior] also attends both schools, and praises the resulting “dynamic ecumenism.”

The experience, she says, has inspired her “to help my Protestant brethren come to a more accurate understanding of Catholicism,” and challenged her to explore “many positive expressions of the Christian faith [found] in the Protestant churches.”

Through mutual faith in Christ, she adds, “we are learning to become people of authenticity and charity—who see beyond the painful history of the relationship between the Protestant and Catholic Traditions, to God’s plan of eternal unity for His Bride.”

That's my ecumenical statement for the day folks. Does that qualify me to get in on the next Evangelicals and Catholics Together statement?