Letters From a Young Catholic

My reflections as a Catholic young adult passionate about the Faith, seeking to grow in knowledge and understanding of God and discerning the will of the Lord in my life.

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Yay! I'll Graduate!

I just got my "grad audit" back today. It was a long and complicated form that I had to fill out last April to check that I'm on the right track for fulfilling the requirements for graduation. And the verdict is in. . . I'll graduate. In fact, I've technically already earned a B.A. I'm just studying for fun now. ;-)

According to the grad audit I've already accumulated more than the number of credits required to earn my B.A. and I've also taken more upper level courses than necessary. That's not even counting the courses I'm taking this semester and next. Yipppeee. That means I could drop out of university right now and already have a B.A. . . .although, I still need to take some specific courses this semester and next if I want to earn my double major.

This semester I'm taking a whole bunch of fun and interesting courses. Some of them count towards my Christianity and Culture major and some are just for fun. Next semester there are only three courses I need to take and they're all easy. I was looking at my course history though and realized that if I take an additional three philosophy courses, on top of the three easy courses I have to take anyways next semester, I could add a minor in philosophy to my degree. Do I want to do that?

Here are my options for next semester: take three easy courses and work part-time (hopefully lifeguarding) or take advantage of the opportunity to take a few more undergraduate courses in philosophy and earn a minor in philosophy. I wouldn't mind taking more philosophy but the downside is that I'd have to take a couple modern philosophy courses. . . courses such as "Modern Christian Philosophy". Courses with titles like that are an occasion for sin. That's just frustrating. Especially after Aristotle and St. Thomas Aquinas. Decisions, decisions, decisions.